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7 Coastal Clothing Brands for the Florida Lifestyle

The top coastal clothing brands for the Florida lifestyle are Tommy Bahama, Lilly Pulitzer, Columbia, Salt Life, Southern Marsh, and FloGrown.

In this article, I explore popular styles offered by the top coastal clothing brands.
Over time, these popular brands have become synonymous with everyday life in Florida and other southern coastal states.

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Tommy Bahama
Lilly Pulitzer
Salt Life
Southern Marsh
Southern Tide

1 – Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama offers a clothing collection and island accessories that effortlessly embodies the coastal lifestyle. 

Known for its laid-back resort wear in the United States and abroad, Tommy Bahama captures the essence of good times with its breathable fabrics and signature men’s line. 

Whether you need a pair of chino pants or high-quality khaki shorts, Tommy Bahama’s casual clothing exudes coastal vibes with a touch of elegance.

Tommy Bahama Favorites:

2 – Lilly Pulitzer

Originating in Palm Beach, Lilly Pulitzer is a Floridian brand that has become an icon for its bright and colorful prints. 

Founded in the 1960s, the brand offers resort wear and beach attire.
Furthermore, it caters to the vibrant and sunny Florida climate.

Lilly Pulitzer’s designs feature bold floral patterns, tropical motifs, and cheerful hues.  
These styles work perfectly in many coastal locations abroad such as South Florida, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, and the British Virgin Islands.

This makes it a staple for those seeking stylish, feminine coastal fashion.
With boutiques across the state of Florida, Lilly Pulitzer has become a go-to choice for Floridians looking to add a touch of sunshine to their wardrobes.

Lilly Pulitzer Favorites:

3 – Columbia

Columbia, recognized as one of the top high-performance coastal gear brands, has a significant presence in Florida.

Offering more than just casual clothing, Columbia’s high-performance outdoor apparel is tailored for those who love to explore open waters in the sun.
The moisture-wicking quarter-zip pullovers and performance fishing gear (PFG) stand out as some of the best in the industry.

From work clothing to button-front flannel shirts, Columbia seamlessly combines functionality with style and assistive technology.
With new arrivals of styles each year, free domestic shipping, and great customer service, it remains a top choice for the active coastal enthusiast.

Columbia Sportswear’s environmental conservation program focuses on reducing its environmental impact and supporting initiatives such as recycling plastic bottles and responsible sourcing.

Columbia Favorites:

4 – Salt Life

Salt Life, a homegrown brand, dives deep into the heart of Florida’s coastal culture. 

This brand goes beyond clothing.
It provides an authentic expression of the sea lover’s identity. 

With a range that includes everything from iconic graphic t-shirts to quick-view coastal accessories to youth apparel.

Most importantly, Salt Life captures the essence of the state’s coastal lifestyle.

Salt Life Favorites:

5 – Southern Marsh

Southern Marsh brings a touch of Southern charm to Florida’s coastal fashion scene. 

Known for its premium Southern clothing, this coastal clothing brand features new styles while maintaining a connection to the early 1900s. 
For example, Southern Marsh’s long sleeve shirts, casual clothing, and unique women’s designs evoke a sense of timeless elegance for the modern refined man.

From country club attire to beach swim trunks, Southern Marsh serves as a one-stop shop for everything southern.

Southern Marsh Favorites:

6 – FloGrown

FloGrown is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a statement of local pride.

Deeply rooted in Florida’s unique culture and lifestyle, FloGrown champions the identity of the “Florida Man and Woman.”
Essentially, it converted a term that once had a stigma into a badge of pride.
This resonates with locals and anyone who appreciates the resilience and capability of Floridians.

Offering a variety of coastal clothing that resonates with Floridians, FloGrown has become synonymous with casual wear.
As a quick tip, use their ‘search shop’ feature to find anything you need on their website.

FloGrown Favorites:

7 – Southern Tide

Southern Tide secured its position as a top coastal clothing brand in Florida.
It combines timeless southern charm with a contemporary, island-inspired twist. 

Known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, this coastal brand delivers quality apparel.
Moreover, it seamlessly blends comfort, style, and durability. 

From their signature Skipjack Polo to their versatile range of casual wear, Southern Tide’s ever-growing collection features coastal living with breathable fabrics.

The brand’s commitment to creating premium southern clothing has resonated with the coastal community.
Visit Southern Tide’s Lifestyle Blog.

Southern Tide Favorites:


Florida Dune Lakes Sunset

From Florida to South Georgia & South Alabama, these top coastal clothing brands stand out among the rest. 
Whether you’re exploring new styles or looking for the most popular after-work footwear, these brands have you covered.

Embrace the Florida lifestyle and make feel-good lasting memories in style.
Follow these coastal clothing brands on social media for a quick view of the latest trends and see why these coastal clothing brands continue to be at the forefront of fashion in the Sunshine State.

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