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35 Best Gifts for Surfers in 2024: A Surf Gift Guide

In this article, discover the best gifts for surfers that every surfer will appreciate.

Even if you don’t need to buy surf gifts for anyone, the surf gear mentioned in this article can be used to buy a useful gift for yourself.

Here are some jump links to the main sections in this article to help you quickly find the information you need.

Best Gifts for Surfers (Complete List)
Understanding Surfer Needs
The Surfer Lifestyle
Where to Find Gifts for Surfers

Best Gifts for Surfers

The best gifts for surfers range from essential gear to surf wall decor.

By making an effort to find the perfect gift for a surfer, you show that you value their hobby and passion.
Ultimately, this means more to most surfers than the gift itself.

Essential Gear

New Surfboard
High-Quality Wetsuits
Channel Islands Leash
Surfboard Wax
Surfboard Repair Kit

Safety Gear

Surf Helmet
Surf Ears
First Aid Kit
Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Shark Deterrent Device

Surfing Accessories

Traction Pads
Wetsuit Changing Mat
GoPro Hero
Surf Watches (Apple Watch or Garmin)
Waterproof Phone Case
Surfboard Fins
Surfboard Fin Key
e-gift cards
Sex Wax Air Fresheners
Surfboard Bag

Surf Apparel

Rash Guard Shirt
Board Shorts
Turkish Beach Towels
Surf Hat
Surf Poncho

Performance Training for Surfers

Balance Board
Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life
Surf-specific Workout Programs
Foam Roller

Surf Decor

Surfboard Towel Rack
Vintage Surf Posters
Surf Trip World Map
Ocean-themed Artwork

Basic Needs of Surfers

The basic characteristics of a surfer play an important role in finding the perfect gift.
This involves the surfer’s skill level, location of surf sessions, and surfing frequency.

It is a good idea to learn about these 3 things in order to find the perfect gift.

Skill Level

The first factor to consider is the surfer’s skill level. 

Beginners appreciate gifts to help them learn and improve, such as a balance board, GoPro camera, or workout program. 
A great option for an intermediate surfer might be a new surfboard or high-tech gadget like the Apple Watch.
Surfing adventure packages are great gift ideas for advanced surfers.

Water Temperature

Water temperature determines the type of gear a surfer needs.
Surfers in San Diego need a high-quality wetsuit for the colder water compared to those who surf in warm waters of Florida. 


Surfers who hit the waves daily or weekly appreciate practical gifts such as surfboard wax or a surfboard repair kit. 
Conversely, those who surf a few times per year want luxury items such as surf decor or ocean art.

The Surfer Lifestyle (8 Traits)

surfer lifestyle and love for the ocean

By understanding the surfer lifestyle, you gain insights into their preferences and needs.
The 8 traits listed below provide you with a well-rounded summary of the surfer lifestyle.

1 – Love for Ocean

Surfers carry a deep connection to the ocean. 
Their lives revolve around the ocean.
They are early risers and eager to catch the best waves during the morning sessions.
Their daily schedules often synchronize with tide and swell patterns.

2 – Close Connection to Nature

Surfers respect the environment and nature.
They appreciate the beauty of coastlines, marine life, and the ocean tides. 
In turn, this fosters a commitment to preserving the oceans they cherish.

3 – Easygoing Attitude

Surfers are laid back with an easygoing demeanor.
They approach challenges with a calm perspective.
A surfer find joy in the simple pleasures of life and maintain a positive outlook.

4 – Adventure and Adrenaline

surfer riding wave

Surfing is a sport full of travel and a wide range of adventure.
From the North Shore Oahu to Papua New Guinea to åland islands, surfers are always searching for the best surf spot.

5 – Physical Fitness and Well-Being

Surfers like to get in physical shape.
This helps surfers stay prepared and get the most from their surf potential.

For example, being a strong swimmer is important for surfer safety.
They engage in surf-specific workouts and activities to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.
Ultimately, this leads to better performance.

6 – Surfing Community

The surfing community has a strong sense of camaraderie and pride. 
Many local surf communities form and create a network to share insights, experiences, and a mutual love for the sport. 
Surf culture is rich with traditions, events, and gatherings that bring the community together.

7 – Minimalist Living

Many surfers live  a minimalist lifestyle to help make it easy to stay on the go.
They value experiences over possessions.
Living close to the beach, in surf towns, or even in vans allows them to prioritize their passion and maintain a more straightforward way of life.

8 – Creative Expression

surf decor art

Surfing is an expression of art and one’s personality.
Surfers often express themselves creatively through photography, video, music, and other artistic outlets.

The combination of athleticism and creativity is a cornerstone of the surfing lifestyle.
As a result, the best gifts for surfers are those that align with this intersection of unique talents.

The Essential Surfing Gear

best gifts for surfers

Essential surfing gear serves as the foundation for a surfer and the most practical gift.  In other words, the bare minimum a surfer needs to surf.

First, the top pick of the essential surf gear is the surfboard.
High-quality surfboards are crafted from durable materials and stainless steel hardware.
Choosing a new board involves many factors such as skill level, wave size, and style of surfing.

Complementing the surfboard are high-quality wetsuits
These suits are designed with neoprene material that traps a thin layer of water against the body.

The damp wetsuit with a thin layer of water underneath warms up from body heat.
As a result, a wet wetsuit insulates against the cold water.
Water temperature and the surfer’s personal preferences determine the right size and best option wetsuit.

Safety is important in surfing.
Obviously, a surfboard leash prevents the surfboard from getting away from you.
This minimizes the risk of collisions and ensures a flotation device for the surfer. 

surfboard leash

Surfboard wax enhances grip and allows surfers to maintain traction while surfboard fins provide stability.
One important tip: Make sure to buy the best surf wax possible

Together, these surf essentials create a baseline for the best gifts for surfers.

Surfing Safety Gear Gifts

Best Gifts for Surfers

Surfer safety gear gifts protect surfers from strong rip currents, cuts/scrapes, and even sharks.

While not popular for advanced surfers, a surf helmet is a thoughtful gift for small children and big wave surfers.

Surf Ears are valuable additions to a surfer’s safety toolkit. 
Surf Ears, designed to protect against surfer’s ear, prevent water from getting trapped in the ear.

Meanwhile, a compact First Aid Kit offers prompt care for minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or jellyfish stings. 

Additionally, a whistle allows surfers to signal for help or alert others to potential hazards.

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) provides buoyancy. Waist strap PFDs are popular among surfers over other types.. 

For those who frequent waters with sharks, a Shark Deterrent Device offers an extra layer of protection against the ocean’s most misunderstood predator.

Accessories for Surfers

Surf accessories enhance the overall surfing experience.
They offer solutions to common problems faced by surfers of all skill levels. 
Most importantly, these thoughtful gifts help surfers do what they love to do more efficiently.

A Surfboard ding repair kit offers quick repairs.  It’s a great idea for a surfer to have a repair kit near at all times..

The surfboard traction pad increases a surfers’ grip and control on their boards..

Wetsuit changing mat simplifies the post-surf routine.  It allows surfers to change in and out of their wetsuits without sand or dirt.

The GoPro Hero captures thrilling surf sessions with high-quality video footage and stunning photos.

best gifts fort surfers gopro camera

Surf Watches, such as Apple Watch or Garmin, provide features like tide data and wave tracking.

A waterproof phone case protects their devices from water damage.

e-Gift Cards offer an easy gift for surfers

Sex wax air fresheners bring the iconic scent of surf wax into any space.  It provides an aroma that remind surfers of the beach even when they’re not in the water.

Surfboard Travel Bags help surfers protect and transport surfboards.

Surfing Apparel

Surf apparel provides sun protection, rash prevention, and comfort.
Also, it reflects the surf lifestyle and culture in and out of the water. 

A UPF Rash Guard Shirt prevents rashes and promotes style during long days on the waves.  In addition, rash guards block the sun and prevent sunburns.

Board Shorts provide the ideal blend of functionality and style for rides and the beach lifestyle.

surfer with board shorts

Turkish Beach Towels make for a practical and stylish gift.  They offer surfers the perfect towel to dry off and relax on. 

A Backpack designed for surfers provides a durable and water-resistant way to carry essentials to and from the beach.

The Surf Hat completes a surfer’s look and provides protection against the sun.

A surf poncho provides a way for surfers to change in and out of their wetsuits.

Performance and Training Gifts

Surfer training gifts directly contribute to improved surfer performance. 
They help surfers improve strength, balance, and endurance.
These gifts not only foster skill development but also promote a healthy lifestyle.

A Balance Board enhances core strength and stability.  They mimic the dynamic movements required on a surfboard.

The Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life book serves as a right of passage for surfers.

Surf-specific Workout Programs tailored to surfing are valuable gifts.  They help surfers stay in peak condition.

A Foam Roller aids in muscle recovery and alleviates soreness after intense physical activities.

Surf Decor

Surf decor gifts offer surfers a tangible reminder of their passion.
Beyond aesthetics, surf home decor gifts for surfers provide daily inspiration that resonates with the surfer’s love of their sport.

surf decor gift idea for surfers

The Surfboard Towel Rack combines practicality with coastal charm.  
It adds both functionality and style to their indoor or outdoor living space.

Vintage Surf Posters serve as nostalgic surfer gifts.  
They celebrate the surfing culture.

A Surf Trip World Map allows surfers to track and plan surfing trips.

Ocean-themed Artwork brings the beauty of the ocean into their home and creates a serene atmosphere that resonates with their love for the sea.

DIY Ocean Art Tutorials also offer surfers a way to make their own ocean art and allow their inner artist to come through.

Where to Find Best Gifts for Surfers

local surf shop sign

Finding gifts for surfers involves visiting local surf shops, online stores, and surf events.

A specialty surf shop serves as one of the best places to find high-quality surf gear and accessories.
Plus, most surf shops are locally owned and operated.
This allows you to support small businesses in your local community.
Additionally, the staff at local surf shops often share valuable information about local surf conditions and gift ideas.

Online stores and surf-focused websites provide a wide variety of surf gifts for those who prefer to shop virtually.
These sites offer the convenience of browsing through a variety of surf-related products while reading a wide range of customer reviews.

Surf events, expos, and competitions serve as a handy way to find the best gifts for surfers.
Many surf vendors display a range of surf-related products at a discounted price.

Moreover, these events allow you to ask questions to industry experts, test new surf gear, and find unique gifts from local artists.
Keep in mind, the inventory may be limited so be sure to shop at the beginning of the event.


Finding the best gifts for surfers involves understand the unique needs and lifestyle of surfers.
From essential gear and surf apparel to surf decor and safety gear, the many options reflect the diversity and culture of the sport.

Most importantly, I hope this article helps you find the perfect gift for the surfer in your life.  
Happy shopping!

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