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How to Secure Your Beach Umbrella in Sand (No Anchor)

In this article, I show you how to secure a beach umbrella in sand without an anchor using a cheap drill and sand auger bit.

Don’t waste your money on a so-called ‘reliable sand anchors’.

Instead, secure your beach umbrella like a beach service pro and focus on having a good time.

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Beach Umbrella Danger

Video Tutorial

Secure Your Beach Umbrella in Sand

Beach Umbrella Danger

A flying umbrella tumbling down the beach on a windy day cause thousands of injuries per year.

When a beach umbrella is not properly secured in sand, it can take off like Mary Poppins on a breezy day.

The shady canopy protecting you from harmful UV rays becomes a tumbling projectile capable of injuring someone or causing damage to other beach tents.

So, let’s focus on the best way to secure your beach umbrella so you can enjoy your hot day at the beach.

Video Tutorial

There are several things which are difficult to fully explain with words and images.
So, be sure to checkout the video below.

How To Secure Beach Umbrella in Sand without Anchor

With a cheap drill, a sand auger bit, and a little bit of elbow grease you can provide greater stability for an umbrella than the best sand anchor available.

To secure a beach umbrella in sand using a drill and sand auger bit, follow these steps:

1 – Drill and Sand Auger Bit

First, you need a cheap drill and sand auger bit.

The auger bit needs to be at least 2x wider than the diameter of your umbrella pole.
Also, it needs to be at least 16″ long.

Quick Tip: Store your drill and auger bit in a waterproof bag to prevent salt and water damage.

Quick Tip: Store your drill and auger bit in a waterproof bag to prevent salt and water damage.

2 – Choose a Location

beach cart with balloon tires

Choose a spot on the beach a safe distance away from adjacent beachgoers.

3 – Attach the Sand Auger Bit

secure beach umbrella in sand with auger bit and drill

 Next, attach the sand auger bit to your drill securely.

4 – Drill into Sand

secure beach umbrella in sand with auger bit and drill

With the drill set to a low speed, gently start drilling into the sand at the desired location for your umbrella.

5 – Beach Umbrella Depth in Sand

beach umbrella sand depth

Continue drilling until the auger bit is firmly embedded in the sand and creates a hole deep enough to hold the umbrella securely.
To secure your beach umbrella in sand, a depth of 16″ or more works best.

6 – Insert the Umbrella

keep beach umbrella to stay in sand

Insert the pole of the umbrella into the hole created by the auger bit.

7 – Adjust Umbrella

If needed, adjust the umbrella to a straight position or slightly leaning in the wind direction.

8 – Fill with Sand

Then, use your hands to pack sand around the base of the umbrella pole to provide additional stability.
For extra stability, fill a bucket with water and use wet sand to fill the space around the pole.

9 – Open the Umbrella

How To Secure Your Beach Umbrella in Sand without anchor

Finally, open the umbrella
This method should help keep your beach umbrella in place even without a traditional anchor and protect it from any gust of wind.

3 Beach Umbrella Tips

Obviously, a beach umbrella is a beach essential item for those on a beach vacation.

​Here are 3 beach umbrella tips:

  1. Quality Beach Umbrella: Investing in a good beach umbrella with an adequate pole diameter saves you money in the long run.
  2. Use the Wind: In strong winds, adjust the umbrella towards the wind.
  3. Move your chair, not the umbrella: The shade from the umbrella moves with the sun throughout the day.  To remain in the shade, move your beach chair rather than your umbrella.

Reasons Sand Anchors Don’t Work

Beach umbrella anchors (plastic anchors and metal anchors) sometimes don’t work for a variety of reasons.

Soft and dry sand make it difficult to dig the threaded end of the sand screw deep enough to secure the umbrella pole from strong winds.

Furthermore, the direction of the wind changes frequently on the beach and eventually loosen the beach sand anchor.

A lot of people simply don’t think to check the umbrella sand anchor after setup.

As a result, they see a flying beach umbrella crash into beach goers and realize it’s theirs.

The next time you go to the beach, notice how the beach service companies secure their umbrellas in the sand.

Beach service companies use the best beach umbrellas and beach chairs available.  An unsecured beach umbrella could cost them hundreds of dollars.

Ultimately, these companies don’t use corkscrew anchors to secure their umbrellas and protect them from heavy winds.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it – no more chasing runaway umbrellas at the beach! 

With a drill and an auger bit, you now know how to secure your umbrella in sand with no anchor like a pro.

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