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3 Amazing Epoxy Ocean Tables

In this article, I show you 3 amazing epoxy ocean tables that bring a beach and coastal vibe to any indoor space.

If you are an ocean lover and want a realistic view of ocean waves crashing on the beach in your home, an epoxy ocean table will do just that.

The wood and resin ocean tables featured in this article are uniquely designed to represent different beaches and oceans.

In addition, each contain a detailed DIY tutorial.
They serve as the perfect beach decor item for any home or beach house.

Beautiful shades of blue ocean water, white waves crashing on the shore, and embedded seashells will surely make a lasting impression on your guests.
Moreover, 2 of the ocean tables in this article glow in the dark.

1 – Epoxy Ocean Coffee Table

This epoxy seashell table starts this list of amazing ocean tables.

Amazing Epoxy Ocean Tables

Reclaimed cypress wood straddles a layered epoxy resin center.
The first layer contains epoxy resin mixed with an aqua blue glow powder.
Next, real seashells are scattered on top of the glowing epoxy just like a beach shore.

Finally, a crystal clear layer of epoxy covers the seashells.

Epoxy Seashell Table

DIY Epoxy Seashell Table Tutorial

If you want to build an epoxy ocean table like this seashell table, checkout the full video tutorial below.

In addition, the video tutorial below shows how to embed shells in resin.

2 – Live Edge Ocean Table

This beach inspired live edge ocean table was designed and built to resemble the beaches of Destin, Florida.

Epoxy Beach Table

Destin, Florida, also known as the emerald coast, is known for white powdery sand and emerald greenish blue waters.
Furthermore, this table contains pale cypress live edge wood to represent the white sand and a greenish/blue epoxy ocean.
A matte finish was used on the epoxy wood surface for a more natural, organic look.

Epoxy Beach Table

Epoxy glow in the dark powder makes up the ocean bottom.
When the lights are off, the glowing epoxy ocean table bottom shines through real sand and sand dollars.

Epoxy Ocean Glow Table

This table can be used as an ocean coffee table, computer desk, entryway table, couch table, or accent table.

How To Make an Ocean Epoxy Table

Downloadable DIY plans are available for this ocean table on Etsy.
Additionally, the video tutorial below also shows how the designer built this amazing epoxy table.

3 – Resin Ocean Wave Table

This stunning ocean resin wave table completes our list of ocean tables in 2021.

Ocean Wave Table

First, the designer of this table turned trash into treasure with a piece of discarded wood.
The live edge cypress wood contained many wood imperfections and defects such as cracks and fungus damage.

reclaimed live edge cypress wood

After sanding the live edge wood, the wood’s beauty revealed itself.

Multiple layers of transparent blue resin merged with white epoxy ocean waves make this piece of ocean art realistic.
As light penetrates the translucent epoxy, the ocean waves crashing on the shore come to life.

Ocean Coffee Table

Furthermore, the designer applied polish to the epoxy wood surface to further enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

Polishing Epoxy Table

Also, the size of this wood and epoxy table top make it perfect to use as an end table, coffee table, or ocean resin wall art.

How to Make Ocean Resin Waves

Like the other epoxy ocean tables, this one also has a detailed written tutorial as well as a video tutorial below.


In conclusion, I hope this epoxy ocean table list provided you with beach decor ideas and inspired you to create your own.

Finally, each of these epoxy ocean tables were designed and created by Jeremy Hoffpauir with Pahjo Designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put sand in resin?

To put sand in resin, mix the sand with a small amount of resin to coat the sand and make a flexible paste. Then, gently spread it on the work surface.

How to make resin ocean waves?

To make resin ocean waves, pour blue resin followed by a layer of clear resin. Then, pour white resin in front of the clear resin and use a heat gun to spread the white resin over the clear and blue resin.
ocean wall art tutorial

How much epoxy do I need for a table top?

To determine how much epoxy you need for a table top, find the volume in cubic inches by multiplying length x width x depth (LxWxD). Then, use the following formula to determine the amount of gallons and quarts needed:
Gallons:  Volume(Cubic Inches) * 0.004329
Quarts:  Volume(Cubic Inches) * 0.017316